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Viennese Waltz Routine

Weekend Dance Workshop 2009

The Weekend Dance Workshop with Ian Folker was very well received. The attendees learned different ways to think about their dance technique, as well as variations and dance patterns they had not used previously.
We are looking forward to a return visit in 2010!

Workshop Details

What: Weekend Dance Workshops
Where: The Champlain Club, 20 Crowley St. Burlington, VT 05478.
When: Saturday July 18th and Sunday July 19th, 2009
Who: Ian Folker, and you!
Why: To build on your dance skills!!

The Weekend Dance Workshop with Ian Folker was a great success!!

Everyone had a great time dancing, and we all learned a lot of great new material. We are planning to have Ian come back again next year!

To see sample videos of some of the material we learned, please check out these videos:

Kathy and Ian Bolero
Melaina and Ian Cha Cha
Lianne, Kathy and Ian Foxtrot
Katie and Ian Samba
Lianne and Ian Tango
Lianne and Ian Viennese Waltz

Workshop Schedule

Saturday July 18th, 2009
12:00-12:45 Bronze Rumba
12:45-1:30 Silver Rumba
1:45-2:30 Bronze Cha Cha
2:30-3:15 Silver Cha Cha
3:30-4:15 Bronze Samba
4:15-5:00 Silver Samba
7-7:45pm, and 8-11pm Bolero Lesson and Dance
Sunday July 19th, 2009
12:00-12:45 Bronze Viennese Waltz
12:45-1:30 Silver Viennese Waltz
1:45-2:30 Bronze Tango
2:30-3:15 Silver tango
3:30-4:15 Bronze Foxtrot
4:15-5:00 Silver Foxtrot

The Bronze workshops will cover technique and variations on the Level I and II classes that First Step Dance teaches. The Silver workshops will cover more advanced material. Ian does a great job, so dancers should be fine in the Silver workshops if they can dance the style socially.

Workshop Registration

Space is limited.
Registration preference will be given in order of: whole workshop, single day and then single workshops.

Registration Information

Please note that registration is limited to the first 20 leaders and the first 20 followers to sign up, and that those people registering for the entire workshop take precedence over those signing up for single blocks, or single classes.

Since we will want to have approximately the same number of leaders and followers for the workshop we will be taking registrations on a first come-first served basis. If we end up with extra leaders (or followers) we will put the latest registrations on a waiting list in the order in which we receive them. If you are registering as a single please sign up early so that we can ensure your attendance and balance the workshop.

A special note about trading partners: We feel strongly that people who trade partners learn more than 30% faster than people who don't trade partners, so everyone will be encouraged to trade partners during the classes. However, if you are uncomfortable with trading partners it is not required that you do so, you are welcome to stay with the partner with whom you sign up for the Weekend Dance Workshop.

Special Bonuses for Early Bird and Full-Weekend Registration